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Since 2003 up until October 16th 2006 there was very little done on multimine. At one stage the source code was thought to have been lost! The devolpment of multimine was in the “it’s done as far as I’m concerned” phase. The features that I originally wanted multimine to have had all been completed. There was a lot more than the game to be extended but I had had enough, there just wasn't any inspiration left. I fleetingly said that perhaps one day it would become popular and the community would demand it!

Well that day has come my friends, ever since Andrew McCauley (schu) got in contact with me there have been new developments. It appears that there is a minesweeper community out there who actually enjoys playing multimine! Check out the links. From version 25 is all new stuff! Requested from the community. If you have something you would like, then let me know, you may just get lucky enough to have it in the next version.

Here is a brief list of things that can be put into a newer version of the game.

Team based games.
ie. More than just deathmatch game type.

Dedicated server written in ANSI C.
Client that can send dedicated servers messages to change their settings.

Clients message a server about the Luigi question.
Servers message a central server when they play a game.

Consider how to solve when clients dont want to click anywhere.
ideas so far include the following:

-deduct points after 20 seconds of idle, this can be discriminatory to the losers.
-deduct points from the highest player(s) until everyone is zero or someone clicks.
-have a give up button which stops points going down, but also forfeits clicking.
-The game can end if all players have clicked the give up button, finally a use for the